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Best Crèche & Nursery in the local area

You only want the best nursery for your child, especially if they’ll be spending most of their days there. That's why at Innovative kiddos, we make sure that your child is happy while they join in on our activities. Children are able to mingle in a safe and exciting environment in the local area, where our team of qualified nursery supervisors are on hand to deal with any discomforts your child might have. If you want to speak more, just get in touch with our crèche and nursery service through our booking form.

Our Staff

Our staff have spent years working with children to help them become more socialised, more excited about the world around them, and interested and engaged in a wide variety of activities. We always try to help every child be involved in daily activities, but we are also aware and identify their limits and make decisions based on those limits. Our staff members are always willing to work with parents and guardians to identify and understand each child's needs and create bespoke strategies to meet those needs.

Our days are structured around you

When you send your child to our nursery, our group of supervisors will entertain your child with a range of fun and exciting activities. Each day is carefully structured to provide your child with the right combination of rest and play, and we also provide healthy and nutritious meals to make sure the children are energised and full of vitality.


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